How to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape



Let's start with my own face shape-oval. At a certain point in time, I only insisted on using the basic framework, because I have never really determined which look suits me. But as my style became bolder, I finally decided to delve into bolder styles and shapes. The beauty of the oval face is that most sunglasses look great.

For oval shapes, our faces tend to be longer, so it is very important to remember the proportions. The two oversized and smaller frames look great, but it's important not to overdo it. If in doubt, choose sunglasses that cover the eyebrows to the cheeks to achieve balance.


For people with a rounder face, your facial features will be softer and your cheeks will be slightly wider. Keep this in mind, a perfect pair of sunglasses is a great way to contour the face and emphasize the chin. This includes shadows with more distinctive features, such as square boxes, cat eyes, and pilots. All the above work can make your face shape look longer and thinner. Darker lenses and frames will also make the face much narrower.


If your face is heart-shaped, it means that the lower half is narrower than the upper half. A heart-shaped face is also called a triangle. When buying sunglasses, your goal should be to balance the look by focusing on the lower part of the face rather than the forehead. Shapes that flatten the human heart include pilots, round frames and rimless glasses. Thin wire frames or other lightweight styles also look fashionable and natural.


Define a square face by having almost the same length and width. Usually, the function is clearer and clearer, with sharp edges and corners, which means that the sunglasses you choose should be soft and balanced.

With a square face, you can enter full incognito mode, because oversized sunglasses look absolutely killer. Any round, oval or drop-shaped frame can visually balance the proportions.


The first is the classic pilot. If your face is round or square, larger aviator sunglasses are better. Although you can use classic teardrop lenses, if your face is larger, the square of the edges will be more flattering. For those of us with oval and heart-shaped faces, we can almost avoid pilots using every kind of lens, because metal frames and sometimes rimless frames do not take up much space.
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