Precautions for the use of goggles


1. The goggles used should be products that have been inspected by the product inspection agency.
2. The width and size of the goggles should be suitable for the user's face.
3. Take off the lens with both hands, hold it gently, if it is to temporarily place the glasses, place the lens with the convex surface facing.
4. When you are not wearing glasses, please wrap them with glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case. When storing, please avoid contact with corrosive materials such as insect repellent, toilet cleaning products, cosmetics, hair spray, medicine, etc., otherwise it will cause deterioration of the lens and frame. Deterioration and discoloration.
5. If the lens is worn rough, frayed, the frame is deformed, damaged, the screws are loose, the lens is also easy to loose, the tightness of the frame is uncomfortable or should be adjusted in time. If the above phenomenon occurs, the deformation of the frame will cause a burden on the nose or ears, which will affect the eyesight of the wearer. It should be replaced in time. It is recommended to visit a professional store for plastic adjustment regularly.
6. The coated lens has high definition and should not be exposed to organic solvents, oils, sweat acid, high temperature, chemicals, and hard objects, otherwise it is easy to damage the lens film and affect the clarity and appearance.
7. It is recommended not to use lenses with scratches, stains, cracks, etc., otherwise it will cause unclear vision due to light dispersion and cause vision loss.
8. Please do not place it under high temperature (above 60℃) for a long time. The high temperature will easily cause the lens to deform or the surface film is prone to cracks. Please do not place it in the front window of the cab and other places exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature to avoid damage to the lens.
9. The metal frame should avoid contact with chemicals to prevent the coating from falling off and changing color.
10. Prevent heavy falls and heavy pressure, and prevent hard objects from rubbing the lens and mask.
11. Use a clean special lens cleaning cloth. Be sure to hold the edge wire of the lens frame on the side of the lens with your hand and gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens.
12. Dry wiping is easy to grind the lens. It is recommended to rinse with clean water and then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture and then dry it with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to clean it with a low-concentration neutral detergent, and then rinse it with water and dry it.
13. When the lens is attached with sweat, juice, hairspray (glue), cosmetics, etc., please wash and dry with water immediately. If it dries naturally, the scale will become a stain and it is difficult to wipe clean and it is difficult to see things.
14. When the lens is wetted by rain or sweat, please wipe it clean in one direction with a lens cloth immediately.
15. Wear progressive lenses. Try not to use the edge of the lens to see things. Because of the distortion and blur, use the lower part of the lens to look near. The adaptation method is also indoors and then outdoors.
16. The filter and protective film of the welding goggles should be selected and replaced according to the required operation.
17. Due to the prism of the lens, please drive and operate only when you are completely accustomed to wearing glasses to see things. It is difficult to grasp the sense of distance with the newly purchased glasses. Please do not drive and operate before you are completely used to it.
18. The resin lens may be broken by strong impact, which may cause eye and face damage. It is recommended not to use it during strenuous exercise. /19. Do not look directly at the sun or strong light, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.

20. The goggles should be used by someone to prevent the infection of eye diseases.