Choice of safety glasses


There are many types of safety glasses, including dust-proof glasses, anti-impact glasses, anti-chemical glasses and anti-light radiation glasses. The first three kinds of glasses seem to have colorless glass, but in fact, due to different protective effects, the characteristics of the lenses are obviously different.

Some workers engaged in industrial production need to wear glasses for operation. Wearing these glasses is not for decoration and fashion, but to protect the eyes from harmful factors. Therefore, this type of glasses is called safety glasses.

Workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steelmaking, and glass blowing should wear anti-arc radiation glasses. However, the color of the lens of the arc-proof radiation glasses is dark or light, which is designed according to different requirements. The selection should be appropriately selected according to the strength of the arc during operation. The arc is strong and the color should be dark; otherwise, light-colored lenses should be selected. If the arc light is strong and wearing light-colored protective goggles, part of the infrared rays will irritate and damage the eyes through the lens, and you will suffer from occupational cataracts in the long term; otherwise, if the arc is weak and long-term wearing dark-colored safety glasses, your eyesight will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, every worker who needs to wear protective goggles for work should understand the harmful factors in their working environment, wear appropriate safety protective glasses, and do not wear them randomly.

Dust-proof glasses are used in dusty environments. Generally, the fastness of the lens is not high. Regardless of the eyecup type or the flat lens type, they are made of ordinary flat glass lenses. The anti-impact glasses are used to prevent flying small particles from penetrating the eyes. The lenses are required to be impact resistant. For example, lathes, sanders, and masons should wear anti-impact glasses. If these workers wear general dust-proof glasses, then The iron sand and gravel are shattered when they hit the glasses, and the eyes will be more damaged. The lenses of chemical-resistant glasses are resistant to acid and alkali, and corrosion, which is not available in other glasses.